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For the construction of commercial buildings, consider using a wood structure. These prefabricated structures offer many architectural possibilities thanks to their flexibility. Moreover, they are economical and environmentally-friendly, offering superior insulation to that of steel structures, which are thirty times more polluting to produce than their wood counterparts. For increased quality in construction, trust the experts at Structures Ultratec with your projects. They will fulfill all your construction needs according to your plans and specifications.


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Structures Ultratec is a specialist in prefabricated wood structures and an invaluable ally for all your commercial construction jobs. You can count on our vast expertise to advise you on the conception of the building’s wood structure in order to ensure the design’s feasibility. At Structures Ultratec, we are the meeting point for the architect, engineer and contractor, thus ensuring that the project fulfills all the client’s expectations as well as meets the required construction standards.

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For all your commercial construction sites, you can count on the diversity of products available at Structures Ultratec. Equipped with cutting edge equipment, Structures Ultratec delivers superior quality walls, beams, columns, joists, and roof trusses. Our multitude of options and our highly customized service ensures that our prefabricated wood structures will be adapted to your most exacting construction needs.

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Once you have selected your professionals and contractor for the construction of your business, choose Structures Ultratec’s superior quality walls, beams, columns, joists, and roof trusses. We are the leading authority in prefabricated wood structures and guarantee that these meet the highest production standards.

Whether you are looking for web joists, I joists, or stirrup straps wood construction connectors of all kinds, our products are made to meet all your requirements.
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Prefabricated walls
Made with first quality materials, our various wood walls panels will erect a building that lives up to your expectations.
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Roof trusses
Thanks to their varied designs and dimensions, our models of wood frames bend to your needs and adapt to all your construction projects.
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Beams and columns
Discover our wide range of superior quality brand name to meet all your needs for solid or composite parts.
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